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Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom

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[22 Oct 2006|12:48pm]

Ewan or Orlando?

[10 Dec 2005|07:33pm]

Oh my gosh! This community is right up my alley - my two favorite on screen hotties! :)

I <3 them both!

Favorite movies:
Ewan - Revenge of the Sith :)
Orlando - Pirates of the Caribbean :D
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[24 Aug 2005|03:51pm]

[ mood | sick ]

a community for BOTH my celeb obsessions *fangirly emo sigh*
this HAS to be a hallucination...

hello all... may i join in the obsession?


2 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

[25 Jul 2005|03:54pm]
[2] Elizabethtown
[3] Orlando Bloom
[4] Ewan McGregor
[1] Obi-Wan Kenobi

Comment & Credit & Enjoy.

Credit goes to either wicked_dreaming or _yoursong.

( Under the fake cut! )
Ewan or Orlando?

[09 Jul 2005|05:06pm]



I absolutely love Orlando and Ewan, and I can't tell you for how long. Basically ever since I saw them. A while ago.

Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Jessica.

Question: Does anyone else find it ironic that these two utterly bangable men were both in Black Hawk Down?

5 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

[17 Mar 2005|12:15am]

After a request I've added Orlando/Ewan to the voting booth so I thought I should let you guys know...


They're on zero atm (obviously) so please go vote!
Ewan or Orlando?

*pokes this community* [10 Sep 2004|02:28pm]

[ mood | curious ]

What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnOctober 26, 2017
Quiz created with MemeGen!

AHHHHHH!! Oh cruel, cruel fate!

Now I have a question...or a poll, rather - out of Ewan & Orlando WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE? Respond here, I'm just curious...it seems to me that this community is leaning towards Mr. McGregor. ^_^
And on an even further side-note, for the two of them which roles were your favorite?
7 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

Ponderings... [31 Aug 2004|12:03pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Has anyone here seen Ned Kelly? I bought the book, but I haven't read it yet...and I think the film came out only on limited release, and it's already coming out on DVD soon?? It doesn't sound like my type of movie, exactly, but since Orlando recieved such good reviews for it I'd buy it regardless.

And on a side-note, Ewan is doing THREE animated films within the next two years...meaning, obviously, that it's going to be voice work. I wonder if he's going to be putting on an American/English accent, because I must say...he's a bit hard to understand in Trainspotting when he's speaking full-out Scottish.

9 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

mmmm Ewan [28 Aug 2004|10:06am]

[ mood | content ]

i realized something the other day...my mini DVD and VHS collection i took with me to college is 80% Ewan Films...i'm a dork...


2 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

big fish [29 Jun 2004|11:17am]

i heart ewan!

2 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

[18 Jun 2004|11:27pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Got this from Netscape News:

Ooh La La! Britain's Sexiest Actor Named

Orlando Bloom is the sexiest actor in Great Britain, according to a poll conducted by SkyMovies.com. While some heartily applaud the choice, others seemed surprised. "It's usually the likes of Jude Law and Ewan McGregor who are voted Britain's sexiest actors," admitted a spokesman for SkyMovies.com. "But it seems that Orlando Bloom's star is rising. He's been in some big films like 'Troy' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' recently and appeals to all generations." Bloom, who is just 27, hit the big time when he was cast as Legolas in "Lord of the Rings" while he was still in drama school. Bet he got lots of extra credit for that!

Other sexy British actors coming in after Orlando are:
2. Sean Bean
3. Hugh Grant
4. Ewan McGregor
5. Jude Law
6. Christian Bale
7. Ray Winstone
8. Jonny Lee Miller
9. Jason Statham
10. Paul Bettany

Orlando Bloom grew up in Canterbury in southern England. AP notes he once said he was "chubby" as a child and joked that he acts in films because it allows him to kiss beautiful women.

Go Orlando [and Ewan]!

9 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

[20 May 2004|03:10pm]

Ewan or Orlando?

[18 May 2004|07:37pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

troyxmovie community

troy/iliad related claims l fanfiction l icons l talk l pictures (hello naked paris screenshots!)

Ewan or Orlando?

[17 May 2004|11:06pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I wrote this in my own journal, in a rambling, non-sensical way, so here's a cut and paste.
If you haven't seen Troy, this includes no real spoilers...seeing as there can be no spoilers, because it's practically common knowledge who won/who died!! And if you don't know - for shame on your high school English teachers!!!

In defense of Paris!Collapse )

I give the film a B. It could have been much better, but it could have been much worse. And I must say........................Brad Pitt does nothing for me.
At least not in this movie. I mean, what happened to the good ol' days of Interview with the Vampire?? Damn, that was some nice looking Brad. His head grows more cube-like as he ages, I swear...

And Orlando Bloom in eyeliner and house dresses a.k.a. togas...yum!

5 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

[12 May 2004|02:18pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

In what little reviews have been released on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems the critics are split between Troy. 10 favorable reviews, and 8 not-so-favorable reviews. I can't say I'm suprised...a big Hollywood blockbuster such as this always has a large chance to go all wrong when it could go all right. But let's scrap together some mentions on Orlando, shall we?

From the "bad" reviews:
"...when Paris (a much too pretty Orlando Bloom)..."

"...Paris (a nauseatingly fey Orlando Bloom) is a love-struck pussy..."
[Obviously this reviewer is jealous. OBVIOUSLY.]

"In the thanklessly drippy role of Paris, Bloom has such a hard time finding a balance between childish self-interest (allowing his whole nation to go to war over a girl) and honorable, failed attempts at gallantry. In fact, it's hard to imagine what Helen sees in him (other than his own softer, prettier torso on display in several scenes)." [Ouch. But honestly, that's more of a script-writing issue than acting...excepting for the "torso" comment...]

"Orlando Bloom elicited a big laugh from the audience when he swept Helen into his arms and vowed “We’ll live off the land. I’ll kill deer and rabbits,” or something to that affect. Though, I don’t think it was supposed to be funny." [Once again, this is a script issue.]

"...foolhardy young Prince Paris of Troy (Orlando Bloom, sniveling his way through what will hopefully be a career-ending performance)..." [Okay. Excuse me. This is some annoyed, 500-lb reviewer writing this, with more hair on his back than on his head.]

You know, I would be more offended [in a histrionic sort-of-way] if Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, etc. etc., didn't also garnish such harsh reviews for their roles/acting. But it seems across-the-board the critics who hated Troy seem to have an issue with the filmmakers, NOT the actors.

</i>And now for the "good" reviews:

"Orlando Bloom’s Paris does not fair as well as Pitt’s Achilles. The screenplay should have made him the spoiled, indulgent son of an old man." [At least they're seperating the character from the actor.]

"Orlando Bloom acquits himself decently, but ultimately Paris is both a coward and a fighter."

"...while Orlando Bloom (as Paris, with the face that launched a thousand ships--initiates the war by taking Helen to his homeland, Troy)."
[Haha! Indeed - get out of the damn way, Helen, you're blocking our view of Paris!]

"...and Bloom, who continues making wise career moves." [Damn straight.]

"Speaking of lovely ladies, enter Orlando Bloom, the bow that launched a thousand arrows. Orlando is in love with only one thing besides his own reflection, and that's his own reflection in Helen's eyes." ... "Orlando is the son of a King and thus a leader of the armies of Troy - despite the fact that he couldn't fight a heavily fortified bowl of cereal let alone the fortified forces of Greece." [*DIES*]

"Bloom bravely risks his "It boy" career as a Lord of the Rings hero by correctly playing Paris as a callow weakling whose great love for Helen has the depth of a wading pool. One of the film's highlights has Paris foolishly taking on Menelaus in hand-to-hand combat and then crawling to safety at the feet of his older brother, Hector (Eric Bana). Public shame adds character to the young prince, and Bloom acutely registers the change."

I really think the last review said it all. He was playing an unsavory character, and it shouldn't be taken as a personal jab when critics call him out as such. If you've read The Illiad you'll know that Paris was offered fame & glory, unsurpassed wisdom, or a hot girl. He chose the hot girl. That about sums up the depth of his character. BRAVO! to Orlando for taking the role, even IF he is prettier than Helen...

5 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

[24 Apr 2004|09:48pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

big fish comes out tuesday and im going to buy it! i didn't see it yet but i know that is it good. i wanted to see it but i never got around to it. going to the movies costs to much now a days! it sucks. so i think that it is better anyway to just buy the movie when it comes out.
anyway i just thought i would say. :)

1 guess| Ewan or Orlando?

signed photos [23 Apr 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

does anyone know where i can get a autograph/photo of orlando bloom? i know where to get one and already have one of ewan mcgregor

2 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

WOW [21 Apr 2004|05:02pm]

[ mood | happy ]

this is sooo great! a community with ewan and orlando! this is my dream come true! :)
hi im new to this community and i just wanted to say that this community rocks because ewan and orlando are sooo hott!
i have liked them both for a long time and it is great that there is a community with both of them!
i can see great things happening here! :)

2 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

[18 Apr 2004|05:01pm]

i know everyone already knows this, but,
2 guesses| Ewan or Orlando?

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