December 2nd, 2002


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i saw moulin rouge again tonight.. considered cutting my hair like christian's for a moment..
:completely irrelevant news flash:
bright eyes, aka conor oberst, had a whole two pages to himself on the last issue of rolling stone, this saddens me only slightly. i realize that most bright eyes songs lack a refrain and are, therefore, not marketable to the general public. let's all give it up for cryptic, eloquent, indie songs.
tis all, i shall now resume my nepharious tricks.
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January's YM features Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood as Coverboys. (there are two versions of the cover, guess which one i picked up) go get it already. you know you want to.

The Kelly Gang with Heath Ledger, comes out in the spring, and The Calcium Kid is an indie British film that Orly recently finished filming. i can't wait for Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp to come out. XD
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