December 17th, 2002

Ahem. I Rule The Galaxy

I just needed to do something stupid and get my adrenaline pumpin! Now I'm in an awesome mood. Got outta the chem final half an hour ago, walked back in the rain (I love rain.) Yesterday I had some 'wodka' w/ the russians. The day b4 they met the corner and Kelly said she'da had sex with both of them at the same time. But we got to talking while we were drinking at their partment and they're less like living stereotypes to me which makes them cooler, but somehow less novel. Also it's so cute when guys are hot and foreign and friends and kiss me all over all the time. I dinna do anything with either one cuz it'd've been weird since both of them were so on me. I was alone w/o a car drinking with strangers cuz Bri totally bailed on me. I was scared cuz I thought, "What if they ARE spies? They have pinky rings...most guys with pinky rings are in the mafia. Is there a Russian mafia?" I guess I didn't get back till 9 in the am but I don't memmer coming back. XTina said I came in and was telling her that the cellphone probly wouldn't fit under the door. I don't memmer a lot...weird. Wodka. Haha! Forin ppl tok funny! I think I ruled on that last exam. Now I have 3 days of being lazy and happy and waiting for Florida! Sabs, I'm giddy; I just got the present I got online for the boy in the mail (fun with clauses) and it is awesome. It's a customized, engraved spectrum zippo. I had it engraved 'DCLXVI' in cool romany writing. That's the roman numeral of the beast. Basically, there are other sisters....but not REALLY.
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