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i am in love with both of these wonderful actors and when i came across this community i started to have multiple orgasms at the thought of them. really glad to be a part of the community! :)

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Well I just joined. Clearly I'm obsessed with Ewan AND Orlando. *melts* & I found this community and thought Ewando McBloom was THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD OF so duh, i joined. haha <33333
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Hey! I'm new here...My name's Maryssa..I just wanna say that Orlando and Ewan are my faves!! It so cool to see that they share a community! Ewando Mcbloom..how original! neways yesterday my best friend (sarah--serrr) sent Orlando letters...I *hope* that we get pics back with maybe autographs! have ne of yall gotten pics back b4? well ttyl!
much luc maryssa
Jo to the rescue

Can our long-eared bow-twanger sing?

I've just been going through my Moulin Rouge DVD... Ewan McGregor does such a great job singing in it *melts into puddle*, any idea about Orli's musical talents?

More from the DVD, clips of Ewan and Nicole singing... Ewan with long hair and a definite resemblance to someone else we all love... hmm... must get stills.
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