Sit down, people...

This is going to be one bumpy ride.

Recently on Ewan News, they've done a piece on Ewan's new movie, Down With Love.

As a tantalizing snippit, this is some text from the site:

"In his new film, Down With Love, Ewan McGregor plays the kind of role made famous by Rock Hudson. He sat down to discuss the character, how he loves playing gay, and why Star Wars didn’t live up to his expectations. We also reveal the secrets behind a very lucky piece of terry cloth."

More Ewan

Ewan McGregor is in a towel.

That’s it. Just a towel."

And a picture to get you drooling.Right... Here....Collapse )

Now aren't you glad you were sitting down?
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Cygna Loop


I've been a member of this nifty community for a while now, but I guess I'm the quiet observer type?
Anyway, guess it's time to speak out. I really like the clever concept here, this community gets my 5 stars rating! (That is the highest possible score, right?)

Short explanation:
In this world of fickle and ephemeral love, I am proud to say I've been in love with Ewan for 5 years. Longer than any other "celeb crush" of mine. Trainspotting is my favorite movie, followed closely by The Princess Bride.
Orlando is relatively new in my life, (1 year). Alas, it's not so bad to have your heart torn between two men, but now that I'm aware that they may be the same guy, well, that pleases me much!

Have you seen this? Look at that body!

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Orlando Bloom turns 26 today!!!

*head explodes*

and i went to see The Two Towers for the thrid time last night.
yes. Orgasmic is the perfect word to describe it.
cannot wait to see third installment.