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ewandomcbloom's Journal

Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom
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Ewando McBloom ~ the legend, the myth, the MAN.
The similarities are eerie. The resemblance is disturbing. And the sex-appeal...undeniable.
Come ~ do not fear, children. Join the 'Ewando McBloom' community and become one of the enlightened!

[Basically, if you have anything to say involving Ewan and/or Orlando - anything at all - just join & post till your heart's content! Or just join in appreciation of the fine-ass sweetness that is Ewando. Mmm mmm.]

*Fanfictions, fanart, etc. etc., are also much appreciated! Get those creative juices flowing! Slashy-goodness is not only accepted, but expected!

§ Our community claims Ewan McGregor & Orlando Bloom on the 'I Claim You' Community!

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In affiliation with shippingcelebs.

**this community is run by ladyhitokiri